A photographic portrait of a smiling woman, looking directly at the camera.
Louise Anemaat
Executive Director, Library and Information Services and Dixson Librarian

Louise has published and lectured widely on the Library’s collections, and has worked closely with the acquisition, processing and curation of the manuscript and pictures collections over many years. She is the author of Natural Curiosity. Unseen art of the First Fleet (NewSouth Publishing, 2014), an analysis of the traditions of natural history art production in Australia and Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.  

A young girl, her hair worn high, wearing a white collared shirt.

I’m Arielle, I’m 10 years old. I love the arts, fashion, cooking, reading, dancing and gymnastics. I like to cook all sorts of things, especially cakes and different kinds of dumplings. I love to read fantasy and humorous books, sometimes even all in one book!

My favourite things are animals, my family, the environment and most importantly- food!

I am small and quirky but I’m also funny and fun!

A young boy wearing a white polo shirt with a blue school logo.

My name is Atticus. I am 10 years old. I live in Sydney. I can do strange things like hyper-extending my elbows. I don’t do the typical sports like soccer and basketball - I do speed skating at Canterbury ice rink. I have a weird hobby in Monopoly of trading my $100 notes into all ones and fives. Many people ask me what my favourite food is, and I simply say I like all foods, I don’t hate any food. I’m good at a lot of Nintendo Switch games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Everspace, Mario Kart and Puyo puyo Tetris. I compete with some of my friends in maths for top spot in school.

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Ronald Briggs
(Gamilaroi) Indigenous Librarian

Originally from Moree in central north-western NSW, Ronald trained as a schoolteacher before beginning work as Indigenous Services Librarian at the State Library of New South Wales in 1991. Ronald is a keen family historian and has also worked with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

A young boy wearing a blue and white jacket.

My name is Daniel, I am nearly eleven years old. I like playing popular video games like Minecraft and Roblox but I also like some of the more difficult and uncommon games, too.

I enjoy reading all sorts of books and at the moment I am particularly interested in books about physics. I recently began making a comic, it is a fun hobby.

I am a curious person who likes to learn more about how things work.

A young girl with a ponytail, wearing a blue and white uniform.

Hi, I’m Daphne, I am eleven years old and in Year Five. I have two siblings and two cats. I love reading, my favourite series is Throne of Glass, I’m reading Throne of Glass for the third time now, but I also enjoyed The Hunger Games and Power of Five.

Something I adore is looking at art and making art. I like to draw the most, I don’t care if it is with paper and pen or on an iPad. Mostly, I draw faces from my imagination.

A young boy wearing a white collared shirt.

My name is Donald. I am 9 and enjoy playing games such as Minecraft, Zelda, Breath of the Wild and Terraria. I love drawing and I have a pet bunny.

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Elise Edmonds
Senior Curator

With a background in Australian history and Museum Studies, Elise has worked with the Library’s maps, pictures and manuscript collections; acquiring, writing and promoting these to a variety of audiences. In 2009 she received a staff fellowship to research and scope the Library’s First World War collections. This led to curating several exhibitions highlighting the Library’s nationally significant First World War collections; Life Interrupted: personal diaries from World War I in 2014 and Colour in Darkness: images from the First World War in 2016. She is currently working on a final World War I exhibition examining children’s experiences during the war, planned for early 2019.

A young girl with hair tied back, wearing a blue jacket.

My name is Georgia, I am ten years old. I love to play the cello and am part of the school orchestra. There are five cellos in our orchestra and it is fun to play together. My favourite piece of music to play is Orpheus in the Underworld because it explains the story of Orpheus throughout the piece.

I enjoy reading Harry Potter and other fantasy stories. Mathematics is a fun activity for me, I really like doing division and multiplication.  I like to spend my spare time with my family, friends and my dog, Louie.

A young boy wearing a blue jacket over a collared shirt.

Hello, I am a 10-year-old boy who was born here in Australia. My mum and dad were both born in Japan.  I enjoy building with LEGO and leaning to play the viola, treble recorder and piano.  I also like doing things by myself at home, such as drawings and origami.

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Melissa Jackson
Indigenous Librarian

Melissa is of Bundjalung descent with family links to the Baryulgil area near Grafton. Born in Crown Street Women’s Hospital she has spent her whole life in Sydney. Melissa worked in various government departments, including Department of Housing and Attorney General's Department before starting work at the State Library of New South Wales in 1991. One of two Indigenous Services Librarians, she has a background in teaching and obtained her librarianship qualifications from University of Technology Sydney. Melissa is a past  President of ATSILIRN, the national body representing Indigenous library workers.

A young girl with round glasses, wearing a blue jacket.

Hello, I am Keira, an 11-year-old girl obsessed with Rick Riordan, baking, bubble tea, animals and zodiac horoscopes. I have loved reading and art ever since I could start making art and well...reading. My old school was Meriden, but I transferred here after completing the OC/ test. I am planning to do selective and scholarship next year, and I am planning to make it to either James Ruse or go back to my old school.

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Richard Neville
Mitchell Librarian

With a research background in nineteenth century Australian art and culture, Richard has curated numerous exhibitions and published widely on colonial art and society. He has also been extensively involved in the acquisition, arrangement, description and promotion of the Library’s renowned Australian research collections.

Colour photographic portrait of a red haired woman wearing glasses.
Margot Riley

Margot has curated numerous exhibitions and displays for the Library and contributes expertise across a variety of collection functions including research, acquisition and interpretation. She is a cultural historian with a special interest in popular culture, photography and dress and has written and lectured extensively about the Library's collections.

A boy smiling at the camera, wearing a white polo shirt.

Hello. I’m Thanh, ten years old, terrible at sports. I’m quite good at spelling (if I do say so myself) and I love sitting down with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. I am obsessed with creative writing, chatting online with my friends, and candles (for some weird reason: I think I inherited that from my mum). A good game of Monopoly or Minecraft always cheers me up, and my favourite book series - hmm, I have a lot to choose from, so there are multiple - would be Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Wings of Fire.

A young girl with a ponytail, wearing a blue and white uniform.

Hi I’m Yevin! I am eleven years old and I love art and music. I’m not the sportiest person but taking walks and riding my bike through the greenway is something I like to do. Something strange about me is that I own 12 pet fish and I can play seven instruments. A strange thing that I like to do is putting all the books on my shelf in rainbow order by the colour of the spine on the book. Sometimes I like to look up into the sky and just wonder what could be beyond the clouds. I can’t say I have a favourite food because I love all foods, except for asparagus. Some other hobbies I have are sewing, knitting, drawing, cooking and reading.